1. Amos Pitsch & Spencer Tweedy
  2. Count This Penny
    Knoxville, Tennessee
  3. Caley Conway
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  4. J.E. Sunde
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  5. Hot Date
    Saint Paul, Minnesota
  6. Jared Beckman
    Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  7. Marty Brueggemann
    St Paul, Minnesota
  8. The Multiple Cat
    Davenport, Iowa
  9. dusk
    Appleton, Wisconsin
  10. We Are The Willows
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  11. Amos Pitsch
    Appleton, Wisconsin
  12. Recreation Station
    Madison, Wisconsin
  13. Lady Cannon
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  14. Momo
    Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  15. Sister Wife
    Rock Island, Illinois
    Oakland, California
  17. Hex Girls
    Cedar Falls, Iowa
  18. Nicole Verhamme
    Los Angeles, California
  19. FOXMO
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  20. Jeff Parks
    Madison, Wisconsin
  21. Shane Leonard
    Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Honeytone Records Neenah, Wisconsin

We are an independent record label and recording studio.

We focus on recording artists that we love, who may be from anywhere in the world, in a supportive environment.

All of our records are produced and recorded in Wisconsin, USA.
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